KKN Media Group is first Media Conglomerate based in Bihar. We help media aspirants to make their own portfolio in media industry by providing them a place where all startup media organizations can collaborate and work with each other.


1. KKN Live : KKN Live is India's one of the trusted Digital News Channel and Website.

2. KKN Live (Newspaper) : KKN Live Newspaper was scheduled to launch on April 2, 2020 but due to the Corona Crisis it was postponed till an uncertain time.

3. KKN News : A English News Website & Digital Content Provider.

4. KKN Media Lab : Android App Development Firm.

5. MornTalk : Provides tech-related content.

6. KKN Ventures : Digital Advertising, Marketing & Visual Production Firm. 

7. KKN Publication : It is a complete Book Publishing house for newbies. The first book of KKN Publication is "Anhad".