KKN Media Group is an Indian Media Conglomerate that deals with different Digital News Channels and News Websites. We are one of the most respected and diversified media conglomerate from Bihar region. In just 3 years of our journalism journey, we had created a legacy of trust and credibility in our audience's mind. Our Group Journey was started on December 12, 2012 as a Media Marketing Group with the Brand Name "NST" and organization name "KKN Media Group" under the supervision of our founder "Shaunit Nishant". On December 11, 2013 we introduced "Mysley" as the first online shopping destination from Bihar region and it was launched on September 29, 2014. Our ultimate goal behind all these ideas is to connect with people and make a community where everyone can connect with the help of technology. During these years we had also handled public relations of many small organizations and found there are many talents who have the potential to express but due to financial in-capabilities they do not get the proper exposure that they deserve. So, in January 2017, we decided to convert our Organization from a "Media Marketing Group" to a "Media Conglomerate" and create a place where all the talented people can work together and get a perfect portfolio for their future with our Team of Professional Journalists. And, finally on April 2, 2017, with the help of Senior Journalist "Kaushlendra Jha" we launched "KKN Media Group" owned Digital News Channel and Website "www.kknlive.com". As we believe most of the news are in rural areas but unfortunately all the media houses are in metro cities..every panelist who is coming in a debate, talk about poverty talk about our issue but they can't express the actual situation that we face. So why we not express our issues with ourselves? Now we discuss and they watch..Till this time, we have a reach of more than 10 million people. On the occasion of "KKN Live" 3rd anniversary, we planned to launch a full-fledged Newspaper but due to Corona Crisis, it was delayed. In the next few years, we have also planned to launch our Satellite News Channel. Well..for now, it's enough to know about us.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to mail us on : info@kknmediagroup.com