KKN Live Hindi website was launched on April 2, 2017 and today on April 2, 2020 we have launching English version of KKN Live website, now on KKNLive.com you can also read stories in English.

To Read stories in English you have to visit : kknlive.com/en 
Our readers are from different regions and our 40% of audience are not able to read Hindi in proper way, and on their request we have decided to launch our English version. So this new website is completely dedicated to all those who are supporting us from starting. We have more than 60000 audience on Facebook who read our Hindi News but because our website is a segmented website soon we create a New English Facebook Page and you can also get all notification of new post with the help of Facebook but for this you have to also like our English Facebook Page, You can also search KKN News on Facebook to find our English Page. You can also follow us on Twitter.
        We just hope like our Hindi Website you also support English version of our website. Stay Tuned with Us.